The most special of UK art fairs / by Michele Del Campo

ENGLISH: After my 2008 and 2009 participation, this year I had yet another wonderful experience at Art in Action. I am not amazed that so many people who spoke with me said that they saw me so far back as 5 or 6 years ago, in fact the public of this fair is very faithful and for sure people who come the first time are thinking about returning to repeat the experience. I found old friends artists or organizers from my previous participations, and i have met new great artists that now are new friends, with whom I have shared these beautiful and inspiring four-days of work in public, dinners and parties. Among the public I have to thank so much everyone who has had the patience to spend hours watching me painting, and especially someone that have bought a 4-days pass just to watch my demonstration each hour and each day, I was very flattered and I tried to give my best to pay it back showing all the aspects of my painting.  

ESPAÑOL: Ha sido otra experiencia maravillosa mi participación en Art in Action este año. Ya había participado en 2008 y 2009, pero no me extraña que este año que he vuelto he encontrado muchísima gente que se acordaba de mi tras tantos años, de hecho los que han visitado la feria una vez es muy difícil que no quieran repetir al año siguiente. He vuelto a encontrar viejos amigos artistas o de la organización, y he conocido amigos nuevos con los cuales he compartido estos cuatro días muy bonitos e inspiradores trabajando en público. Entre los visitantes tengo que agradecer a todos los que con mucha paciencia pasaron muchas horas viéndome trabajar en directo, y alguien hasta compró un pase para los cuatro dias de la feria para verme trabajar todos los días, eso me alagó muchísimo.



michele del campo, art in action 2014





I had the privilege of being the first to do a drawing on Nathan Ford's participative artwork. Many people intervened on his painting and at the end he finished it in his unmistakeble and beautiful style.









Me in the dinner table with other painting demonstrators

Demonstrator's dinner: we were delighted not only by the food but also by beautiful exotic music and dance