The creative process, 5: gestation and meaning of "The Fall" / by Michele Del Campo

"The Fall", oil on linen, 105x180cm ENGLISH: "The Fall" is, in my intention, just the first out of a small series of paintings representing the moment right after several characters have fallen. For me this moment is metaphoric, and it is condensed in the expression of the person who has fallen, who, not really hurt, is just taking a moment to think and reflect, as we often do after an accident or a traumatic event. We don't know about their lives, what has happened to them and the reason why they have fallen, but perhaps we can see ourselves through them and it is a positive moment, the moment when we interrupt our blind routine and look back to see more clearly what we are and what we have been doing. This series came to my mind after reading the existentialist novel "The Fall", by Albert Camus, where the main character, a respectable and highly esteemed lawyer, is reflecting on his past and who he really is, after a traumatic event where he has been unable to move a finger to try to save a woman from committing suicide.

I intentionally placed the woman in a setting where the sun is shining towards the end of the day but the architecture and the elements are repetitive and monotonous, subliminally reflecting her life.

Some of the sketches that came to my imagination for the painting and the original picture of the model, posing according to my sketches. She is a neighbor in Valencia who so kindly volunteered to pose for me.

ESPAÑOL: Este es, en mi intención, solamente el primero de una serie de cuadros que representan justo el momento después de que varios personajes se han caido. Para mi este momento es metafórico, y es concentrado en la expresión de la persona que se ha caído, la cual, aunque no se haya hecho daño, pero se para y se toma un momento para pensar y reflexionar, como frecuentemente pasa después de un accidente o de un evento traumático. No sabemos de sus vidas, qué les ha pasado y porque se han caido, pero quizás nosotros podamos reflejarnos en ellos, y es un momento positivo, ese momento en el cual interrumpimos nuestras ciegas rutinas y miramos hacia atrás para ver con más claridad lo que somos y lo que hemos estado haciendo. Esta serie surgió tras leer la novela existencialista "La caída", de Albert Camus, donde el personaje principal, un respetable y admirado abogado, reflexiona sobre su pasado tras un evento traumático donde no fue capaz de mover un dedo para salvar a una mujer que quería suicidarse.

En este cuadro he intencionalmente puesto a la mujer en un ambiente donde resplandece el sol hacia el final del día, pero la arquitectura y los elementos son repetitivos y monótonos, reflejando de manera subliminal la vida de la mujer.

Preparing the painting for shipment to the client.