I am awarded 3rd Prize at ROI Art Event Evening / by Michele Del Campo

_MG_4277 ENGLISH: To my surprise, the same Ian Cryer, president of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI), and Adebanji Alade, another ROI artist, were among the three models at the annual Art Event Evening. Ian put on a very interesting outfit and it was not easy to capture the fleeting shadow that the hat projected on his face, as any slight movement of his head would change its extension and shape. However that contrast created by the shadow against the light on his face was really interesting to paint. We had just above 2 hours to do the painting (3 hours with 3 breaks), and in such a short time there are no possibilities to finish a painting the way one wants, but it is all about capturing the essence. I was so happy when I was called on the stage at the end, to receive the third prize for my portrait, from the hands of the same president Ian Cryer.

ESPAÑOL: Me sorprendió que el mismo Ian Cryer, presidente de la Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) y Adebanji Alade, otro artista, miembro de ROI, fueran entre los tres modelos del anual Art Event Evening. Ian se puso un atuendo muy interesante, y no fue sencillo representar la sombra fluctuante que el gorro le dibujaba en la cara, ya que cualquier pequeño movimiento cambiaba dramáticamente su extensión y su forma. De todas maneras ese contraste de luz y sombra era muy interesante de pintar. Teníamos solamente 2 horas para pintar (3 horas en total, pero con 3 pausas), así que no se podía acabar el cuadro demo uno quiere, solamente daba tiempo de capturar la esencia. ¡Me alegró muchísimo al final el ser llamado en el escenario para recibir el tercer premio por manos del mismo presidente Ian Cryer.