Christmas Sales on art by Michele Del Campo



ENG: From now in my online shop there is a 25% discount on giclee prints and engravings! The sale will be on until 15 Dec. If you are looking for an arty gift for your beloved ones you could check out the new available artworks and prints in my online shop:

ESP: Desde ahora en mi tienda online hay un 25% de descuento sobre la mayoría de los productos! La rebaja acabará el 15 de diciembre, hasta entonces tienes la posibilidad de hacerle un regalo artístico especial a tus queridos. Puedes ver los nuevos productos disponibles en:


Online gallery to buy my work by Michele Del Campo


I am happy to announce the launch of a new online gallery specialized in selling my own work, It aims to make accessible directly to buyers smaller and more affordable work. In this online gallery you will find giclée prints, linocuts, drawings and small paintings. I hope that you will like the initiative!

ESPAÑOL Me complace anunciar el lanzamiento de una nueva galería online especializada en la venta de mi obra, Su proposito es hacer accesible directamente al comprador obra de menor tamaño y a un precio asequible. ¡Os invito a echar un vistazo y espero que os guste la iniciativa!

"The Intruding Light" by Michele Del Campo

There are many studies behind a single piece of work. I have selected only a few here to show the process, the constant adaptation of an idea that originally is only just a scribble. I made that first scribble on a train, when I had too much time to kill, and this is how it developed some month later, when I decided to use it.

I do not do many linocuts but it is a big passion of mine, I enjoy engaging with this technique when I want to rest from painting. It gives me another way of thinking, I have to adapt my subjects to another type of imagery, with a different  scenario, composition, scale, lighting, contrast, in comparison with my paintings. Creating forms, giving the illusion of depth by just cutting white lines against a black surface is also a very different challenge from painting with colours.

At the end all comes together, although they are quite different techniques, I notice how my printmaking feeds and enriches my painting as well as my painting feeds my printmaking.

This is the final drawing