Life Drawing Society

I win the Life Drawing marathon at the Oubliette Arthouse by Michele Del Campo

On 28th December I took part in the Life Drawing marathon held in the first of the three nights events organised by the squatting Oubliette art group in their newly occupied space in the London district of Soho.

The place, originally a church, was then converted into the world-renown night club called "The Limelight" until it decayed and it was taken over by the Walkabout pub, which closed its doors one year ago. Now, occupied by the Oubliette group, it has been prepared with only the essential comfort but it has become an exciting space for sharing creativity in a friendly atmosphere.

Among the several artistic activities in program, like exhibitions, live music, poetry recitals, photography workshops and film screenings, there was also a life drawing marathon from 6pm to 5am. I ended up participating in it and drawing many hours. I especially enjoyed the activity, drawing a variety of people in solitary poses and rodinesque compositions. I met many interesting artists and friendly people there.

The marathon, organised by the Life Drawing Society UK, had to produce two winners who would receive an annual membership to enter for free in all life drawing activities held by the organisation around London. When I remained with only four more artists to draw, with models much more worn out than artists, the competition ended in a draw and I resulted being one of the two winners.  From now on I will have a good deal of life drawing and painting activity in program, between my own sessions in my studio and those that I will be able to attend for free in other venues around London.