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Feature in The Artist Magazine by Michele Del Campo

The Fall series of paintings are featured in the latest edition of The Artist Magazine April 2016, p. 14-17. In the article titled “Falling for art,” I share a bit about my philosophy of using painting as a medium to communicate meaningful messages. The article then covers the specific ideas behind the The Fall series –the human experiences and emotions that the works reflect. If you are interested in the preparation and process of how I came up with the compositions, the article also includes a section on this. The specific details and narrative of the individual paintings reveal the interconnectedness between the concepts and ideas and the elements of design and composition. On a practical note, I also include the details of the materials used for these paintings.

The article is available in print and can be purchased online.

"The Roses" and magazine cover by Michele Del Campo

michele del campo, the roses, 35x50cm ENGLISH: In this painting I have returned to savour the pleasure of painting on a small size canvas. This is "The Roses", a painting that has, like my paintings in general, a certain narrative and evocative aura. On the other hand, I am so happy to see my painting "The Apple Tree" on the cover of the September issue of The Artist magazine, available now. Be prepared for the October issue if you are curious about my approach to painting because you will find, besides other beautiful articles by wonderful painters, also an article that I have been invited to write.

The Artist magazine cover, Michele Del Campo

SPANISH: En este cuadro he reduscubierto el placer de pintar sobre formatos atípicamente pequeños, dentro de mi producción pictórica. El título es "Las Rosas", y comparte con mis otros cuadros esa dirección narrativa y evocativa. Por otra parte, he tenido la gran sorpresa de encontrar la imágen de mi cuadro "The Apple Tree" en la portada de septiembre de la revista británica "The Artist". Si quieres saber más sobre mis métodos de pintar y de buscar inspiración, encontrarás en el número de octubre un artículo mío que la redacción de la revista me ha invitado a escribir para sus lectores.

Article in The Artist magazine by Michele Del Campo

the-artist ENGLISH: In the April issue of The Artist Magazine I have a four-page article where I share my approach to painting. In it I describe each of my painting as a journey, exploring the possibilities in form of sketches, modifying and adapting my ideas along the way, experiencing reality and dealing with the creation of an image that reminds of reality but it is not purely taken from reality, even when painted from life. The magazine can be bought in kiosks or online here


ESPAÑOL: En el número de abril de la revista The Artist se publica un artículo mio de 4 páginas, donde comparto mi enfoque en la pintura. En ello describo cada una de mi pintura como un viaje, donde exploro las posibilidades a través de bocetos, modifico y adapto mis ideas, profundizo en la experiencia directa con la realidad y trato de crear una imagen que recuerde la realidad sin que sea tomada directamente de la relidad, aun cuando pinte del natural. La revista se vende en los kioscos o online pinchando aquí


The Artist magazine by Michele Del Campo

It was a beautiful surprise to receive the January issue of "The Artist" magazine through post, and find out that a painting of mine had been chosen to feature in the cover. Inside the issue I talk about the motives, the inspiration and the creative process of my recent work. You can see the content of this interesting and useful magazine, or buy it if you click on this link. The-Artist-Michele-Del-Campo-1

ESPAÑOL: Ha sido una sorpresa muy bonita recibir por correo de la redacción de "The Artist" el número de enero de la revista y descubrir que han elegido uno de mis cuadros para la portada. En el interior de la revista hablo de los motivos, la inspiración y el proceso creativo de mi trabajo más reciente. Puedes ver el contenido de la revista o comprarla haciendo clic en este enlace.