Wood Green

My oil painting technique by Michele Del Campo

I was invited by Cass Art and Winsor and Newton to give two workshops in October, in Cass Art Islington and Cass Art Hampstead. Moreover I was invited to write a blog post showing the process of an oil painting of mine. You can read it now in the Cass Art blog:https://www.cassart.co.uk/blog/michele_del_campo_how_to.htm

My technique demonstration in the Cass Art blog

My technique demonstration in the Cass Art blog


WORKSHOP: If you would like to learn my technique, I invite you to attend a weekend workshop on 19-20 March in my London studio, here you can read about it and buy your ticket:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/figure-oil-painting-workshop-19-20-march-2016-tickets-21636356926

Some students in my last oil painting workshop

Some students in my last oil painting workshop

Detail of “Sunny Time”

Detail of “Sunny Time”

Open Studios 14-15 Nov. by Michele Del Campo

the chocolate factory wood green Sat 14 - Sun 15 November

The Chocolate Factory Clarendon Road N22 6XJ London

Together with all the artists of The Chocolate Factory I am going to participate to the Open Studios next weekend. Anyone interested in arts, who want to meet the artists, see the places where artists create, their latest works or buy directly from them, this is a unique opportunity that only comes once a year! For the occasion I will have prints, catalogues, life drawings, nude paintings and some of my exhibition paintings on sale.

artist  studio

Life drawing sessions in my studio by Michele Del Campo

_MG_4935 ENGLISH: Since I left my studio in central Soho, I quit organizing life drawing sessions. However I always liked the nice atmosphere that was created by the weekly gatherings, with other artists, old and new friends interested in practising and improving their drawing skills. We would invite always different models of all races, dancers, performing artists, contortionists, pregnant women, twins and couples, and we would often end up in one of the pubs nearby to socialize afterwards. Last weekend, during a night out with some of those old friends who used to draw with me in my sessions, they gave me the idea of resuming the classes, and I thought that it was a wonderful idea. Anyone who is interested in taking part is very welcome, until places are full.

These are the details of my sessions:

Tuesdays, 7-9pm, please RSVP by email or whatsapp with your name if you are coming.

Entry fee: £10

The Chocolate Factory, Studio 9, Unit B104, Clarendon Road, N22 6XJ London

Tel/Whatsapp: 07853538527





The Chocolate and the Custard Factories...Artists studios by Michele Del Campo

the-chocolate-factory ENGLISH: I have been included in this video about The Chocolate Factory in London and The Custard Factory in Birmingham. These two buildings, former factories of, as their names says, chocolate and custard, have been converted into quality spaces for artists and creatives of all kind, with the advantages of its structure (high ceilings, very big windows, heavy duty lifts, big staircases for the passage of big paintings, etc.) Above all, they are, in theory, permanent spaces dedicated to foster creativity in the community and to sustain the arts. Other artists studios organizations around London in general have to struggle to find old buildings to convert into artists spaces, usually abandoned and in bad conditions, and further and further away from the city center. These organizations usually only obtain short-term leases of 4 to 7 years (many artists don't even get that time to stay when they arrive towards the end of the lease). Consequently the investment of these organizations in creating divided spaces to rent to artists is minimal and the maintenance too (although rents for artists remain high). Moreover, the lease in some cases can be ended sooner than established, as it happened in my previous studio in Soho (the lease was 5 years and we got to stay less than 4) with very few weeks of warning. Artists then live in the uncertainty of a transitory situation, having to move from one place to another when the lease ends, with all the difficulties of finding a new studio, being the demand for space far superior to the offer.

When I first came to The Chocolate Factory I was impressed by the level of service that we get, a permanent space with a reception, 24h security, free parking space, everyday cleaning of the common areas and facilities, central heating, a yearly Open Studios event, two restaurants and bars, free events like poetry readings, live music, exhibitions, video projections, theatre perfomances, etc... Perhaps these advantages that we have, compared with other artists studios around the city, justify the use of the old name of the building: it is in a way still like being in a chocolate factory!

My new studio at The Chocolate Factory, London

    The courtyard of the building

ESPAÑOL: He sido incluido en este video sobre los complejos de estudios de artistas de la Fábrica de Chocolate de Londres y la Fábrica de Natillas de Birmingham. Estos dos edificios, construidos para la manufacturación de, como dice el nombre, chocolate y natilla, han sido convertidos en espacios de calidad para artistas y creativos de todo tipo (música, teatro, cínema, diseño, etc.), por la ventaja de su composición estructural (techos altos, ventanas grandes, ascensores enormes para cargas pesadas, corredores y escaleras anchos que permiten el paso de cuadros grandes, etc...). Sobre todo estos son ya, en teoría, espacios

    The reception and entrance to the studios


permanentes para la fomentación de la creatividad en la comunidad y para sostener los artistas. Otras organizaciones  que proveen espacios para artistas en Londres en general tienen que luchar para encontrar edificios, generalmente viejos y abandonados, y cada vez más lejos del centro de la ciudad. Estas organizaciones normalmente obtienen permisos para utilizar el espacio solamente de 4 a 7 años (muchos artistas que llegan más tarde no llegan a quedarse ese tiempo, y algunos llegan hacia el final). En consecuencia, la inversión para crear en el interior de esos edificios espacios divididos para uso de los artistas, es mínima, así como el mantenimiento, aunque los alquileres sigan siendo altísimos. Por eso los artistas viven en una situación transitoria y de incertidumbre, teniendo que desplazarse de un sitio a otro periódicamente, enfrentándose a todas las dificultades de encontrar otro espacio, siendo la demanda de estudios muy superior a la oferta.

Cuando vine por primera vez a ver la Fábrica de Chocolate me impresionó el buen nivel de servicios que recibíamos, un espacio permanente con recepción y seguridad 24h, aparcamiento gratis, limpieza diaria de los baños y los espacios comunes, calefacción central, evento anual de Estudios Abiertos, dos bares y restaurantes en su interior, en uno de los cuales se organizan eventos gratis de música, performance, cínema y exposiciones. Quizás estas ventajas que tenemos, comparadas con otros complejos de estudios de artistas en la misma ciudad, justifican el uso continuado del viejo nombre del edificio: ¡en cierta manera es como estar en una fábrica de chocolate!