Life drawing sessions in my studio by Michele Del Campo

_MG_4935 ENGLISH: Since I left my studio in central Soho, I quit organizing life drawing sessions. However I always liked the nice atmosphere that was created by the weekly gatherings, with other artists, old and new friends interested in practising and improving their drawing skills. We would invite always different models of all races, dancers, performing artists, contortionists, pregnant women, twins and couples, and we would often end up in one of the pubs nearby to socialize afterwards. Last weekend, during a night out with some of those old friends who used to draw with me in my sessions, they gave me the idea of resuming the classes, and I thought that it was a wonderful idea. Anyone who is interested in taking part is very welcome, until places are full.

These are the details of my sessions:

Tuesdays, 7-9pm, please RSVP by email or whatsapp with your name if you are coming.

Entry fee: £10

The Chocolate Factory, Studio 9, Unit B104, Clarendon Road, N22 6XJ London

Tel/Whatsapp: 07853538527





I will teach "Figure Alla Prima" Workshop in my studio by Michele Del Campo

march-workshop-del-campo1I could not foresee that my workshop would be so successful from the first day that I published the information, so there is now only one ticket left! I was going to post about it tomorrow in this blog but now I feel obliged to advise my blog followers as soon as possible, in case any of you is interested. Here is the poster for the event, by clicking on it you will get all the information and will be able to buy the last ticket (if you arrive late and are interested in the workshop, please message me and I will inform you if I organize another one later on).

Sketching a dancer's movement by Michele Del Campo

Last week's life drawing session in my studio was another wonderful experience. Gabriella, Brazilian dancer, poet and singer, delighted us with dancing performances that challenged our way of perceiving the forms in movement. She did three different performances, where sensuality met expressivity and theatrical interpretation. It is very difficult to capture body in continuous movement, here are some of my attempts...


La sesión de dibujo del natural de la pasada semana en mi estudio fue otra experiencia maravillosa. Gabriella, bailarina, poetisa y cantante brasileña, nos delició con una actuación de danza que desafió nuestra manera de percibir las formas en movimiento. Gabriella interpretó tres danzas muy distintas entre sí, algunas más sensuales, otras más expresivas y teatrales. Intentar capturar el cuerpo en continuo movimiento fue una experiencia nueva, aquí van mis intentos...