naked bodies

The dump (part 1) by Michele Del Campo

This is one of the sketches for my next painting, which will be part of an important exhibition about Globalization. It will feature a massive dump in front of an opulent city with skyscrapers. The setting will not be a real city but an imaginary one with a symbolic function. In the dump, among the rubbish, various people will thrash around naked carried away in frenzy and lust. It is a methaphor of the excesses of consumerism on which is based the economy in our society.


Éste es uno de los bocetos para el cuadro que estoy estudiando en este momento, el cual formará parte de una importante exposición sobre la Globalización. Representará un enorme vertedero frente a una opulenta ciudad de rascacielos, un lugar no reconocible, sino más bien imaginario y simbólico. En el vertedero, varios cuerpos desnudos dan vueltas entre la basura, transportados por un frenesí de éxtasis, en una metáfora de los excesos del consumismo sobre el que se basa la economía en nuestra sociedad.

My next painting by Michele Del Campo

I'm working on a new painting that has taken me many studies and a long research for reference material in scrapyards. I ended up finding what I needed in a visit to a scrapyard near Valencia, in Spain. Now the final sketch is almost definitive. I will start the painting next week and, after all the amount of work in sketches and research for this, I really look forward to enjoying the painting process.