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Free workshop in Manchester with Winsor and Newton by Michele Del Campo

Fred-Aldous-Manchester-Workshop-flyer-800px-1 I am delighted to having been invited by Winsor & Newton to give an oil painting workshop in Manchester on Wednesday 3rd June! The best news for painters is: it's free to attend! Also, there will even be a goodie bag for all attendees. The workshop will take place in the Fred Aldous art store, and I will concentrate on how to achieve pure. clean mixes and how to create the effect of light also in the shadows.

This is the program of the workshop: after a brief presentation of art materials by Winsor and Newton, I will present my work and discuss my painting practice, followed by a painting demonstration. In the demonstration I will explain my use of the materials and my colour mixes step by step, and in the afternoon attendees will be able to try their hands on oils following my example in the demonstration.

I have been using Winsor & Newton Artist's Oils for many years now, and my choice to use them was dictated by comparing the results of empirical experiments that I did using several popular colour brands.

It is possible to book your place in the workshop by emailing:


Part 2 of my "Figure Alla Prima" workshop by Michele Del Campo

Last weekend I gave Part 2 of my "Figure Alla Prima" workshop. It was a very enjoyable experience, moreover the participants came all from Part 1 of the same workshop and there was an air of familiarity. Under suggestion of the participants already in Part 1, I began each morning with a demonstration where I would explain in detail every colour mix and every brush stroke. In the afternoons the participants applied the knowledge acquired in the mornings under my supervision and help where needed. It was a big satisfaction for me to see that even painters with a wide experience in traditional methods of application of colour could become so familiar and find so useful my particular approach to colour mixing for maximum purity and vibrancy. _MG_7086

A great workshop in my studio by Michele Del Campo

_MG_5033-1 Yesterday was the last of my 3-day workshop "Figure Alla Prima" in my London studio. I enjoyed very much the experience and I am so happy that everybody was very enthusiastic with their experience too, in fact all of them are interested in attending future workshops or a part II of this same workshop. The available places were limited to only 5 painters, so they could be working on big canvases and get individual attention, and I had a great group of lovely people, mix of professional and amateur artists. It was a very peculiar workshop because I gave my students the task to do the same painting that I am doing, and they progressed alongside me watching my demonstrations, looking at my painting in progress and listening to my advises. I started every day demonstrating on my canvas, explaining in detail my methods and then letting my students do the same work under my constant guidance, demonstrating on their canvases too when it could be useful for a better understanding. I was very pleased at the end with the results



of each of them. I taught many aspects of my technique, but the highlights of my workshop, according to most of the painters, have been my teaching about colour mixing, colour theory to achieve clean and bright colours, and how to use the brushes to achieve all possible effects with very few touches. My next workshop will be from 15 to 17 May and it's already bookable here.

ESPAÑOL: Ayer fue el último de los 3 días de taller "Figura alla prima" en mi estudio de Londres. Me ha gustado mucho la experiencia y estoy muy contento que todos los participantes estaban contentos también con la suya, tanto que me han convencido a organizar pronto otro taller y quizás también una continuación de este mismo taller, la segunda parte. Los puestos disponibles eran tan solo 5, para que todos pudieran trabajar en lienzos grandes y tener atención individualizada. Ha sido un taller muy peculiar porque di a los participantes la tarea de realizar el mismo cuadro que yo estoy pintando, así que ellos progresaron junto asistiendo a mis demonstraciones cada mañana y repitiendo lo que habían aprendido en sus lienzos, con mis constantes consejos y ayuda teórica y práctica. Enseñé muchos aspectos de mi técnica, y los puntos más atractivos de mi taller, según me han dicho los participantes, han sido la teoría y la mezcla de los colores, y la utilización de los pinceles para conseguir todo tipo de efectos con pocos toques. Mi próximo taller será desde el 17 al 19 de abril y se puede reservar aquí.

A short video to show my "alla prima" painting technique by Michele Del Campo ENGLISH: There is nothing better than a video to show the process of painting with oils. My technique is "alla prima", so I concentrate on a certain area of a painting and I finish it while it is still wet, generally in the same day. The video of this painting, "The Reading" (150x200cm), which I partially made during my demonstration in Art in Action, concentrates especially on the portraits of the two girls. I had no underlying drawing for these faces, but, as you will see, I represented them improvising directly in painting. This method allows me a more intuitive approach and a more personal interpretation. For a written account of the whole process you can read the Artists and Illustrators magazine, February 2015 issue.

ESPAÑOL: No hay mejor manera para mostrar mi técnica de pintura al óleo que a través de un video. Mi técnica es "alla prima", es decir, me concentro en ciertas áreas del cuadro y las acabo mientras estén mojadas, normalmente en el mismo día. El vídeo se concentra especialmente en las fases del retrato de las dos chicas en el cuadro "La lectura" (150x200cm), que hice en parte en mi demonstración en Art in Action. No tenía un dibujo para las caras, sino que, como verás, las pinté improvisando directamente en pintura, lo cual permite una aproximación más intuitiva y una interpretación más personal.

A painting demonstration by Michele Del Campo


ENGLISH: I started this painting in a 4 days demonstration in Art in Action, some of you who have visited the fair have seen it half-way through. As it always happens to me, when I don't finish a painting in one go I might take an incredibly long time to finish it, or I even abandon it. That is because I always find that I have more urgent paintings that I need to work on, or administrative work that cannot be delayed, and time always runs too quickly. But luckily I did go back to this painting!


ESPAÑOL: Empecé este cuadro durante una demonstración de 4 días en Art in Action (Oxford), quizás algunos de vosotros lo hayáis visto allí a mitad. Como siempre me ocurre, cuando no acabo un cuadro de un tirón, podría acabar estando un tiempo larguísimo en mi estudio hasta que lo acabe, o, peor, podría abandonarlo del todo, ya que siempre tengo cuadros y tareas más urgentes, el tiempo corre demasiado deprisa. Pero afortunadamente volví a retomar este cuadro!

michele del campo, art in action 4


michele del campo, art in action 2

michele del campo, art-in-action

michele del campo, art in action

michele del campo, art in action 3

The most special of UK art fairs by Michele Del Campo

ENGLISH: After my 2008 and 2009 participation, this year I had yet another wonderful experience at Art in Action. I am not amazed that so many people who spoke with me said that they saw me so far back as 5 or 6 years ago, in fact the public of this fair is very faithful and for sure people who come the first time are thinking about returning to repeat the experience. I found old friends artists or organizers from my previous participations, and i have met new great artists that now are new friends, with whom I have shared these beautiful and inspiring four-days of work in public, dinners and parties. Among the public I have to thank so much everyone who has had the patience to spend hours watching me painting, and especially someone that have bought a 4-days pass just to watch my demonstration each hour and each day, I was very flattered and I tried to give my best to pay it back showing all the aspects of my painting.  

ESPAÑOL: Ha sido otra experiencia maravillosa mi participación en Art in Action este año. Ya había participado en 2008 y 2009, pero no me extraña que este año que he vuelto he encontrado muchísima gente que se acordaba de mi tras tantos años, de hecho los que han visitado la feria una vez es muy difícil que no quieran repetir al año siguiente. He vuelto a encontrar viejos amigos artistas o de la organización, y he conocido amigos nuevos con los cuales he compartido estos cuatro días muy bonitos e inspiradores trabajando en público. Entre los visitantes tengo que agradecer a todos los que con mucha paciencia pasaron muchas horas viéndome trabajar en directo, y alguien hasta compró un pase para los cuatro dias de la feria para verme trabajar todos los días, eso me alagó muchísimo.



michele del campo, art in action 2014





I had the privilege of being the first to do a drawing on Nathan Ford's participative artwork. Many people intervened on his painting and at the end he finished it in his unmistakeble and beautiful style.









Me in the dinner table with other painting demonstrators

Demonstrator's dinner: we were delighted not only by the food but also by beautiful exotic music and dance

Demonstrating at Art in Action by Michele Del Campo

    My demonstration at Art in Action in 2009 Art in Action, Thursday 17 - Sunday 20 July, Waterperry, Oxford


In just over one week time, I will be painting in the beautiful settings of Waterperry, Oxford, at one of the most enjoyable and inspiring art fair in the UK, Art in Action. I will be very pleased to discuss my work with visitors, and there will be several great artists in all disciplines doing the same. This art fair has a wonderful concept: a group of selected artists will set-up a temporary studio in several marquees dedicated to all disciplines of art, so visitors can enjoy a day or several days out scrutinizing at close distance how artists make their artworks. I hope that you will come along too!

ESPAÑOL: En poco más de una semana estaré pintando en público y demostrando mi técnica en el maravilloso escenario de Waterperry, en Oxford, en una de las ferias más bonitas e inspiradoras del Reino Unido, Art in Action. Al igual que los otros artistas, estaré encantado de conversar sobre mi trabajo y mi técnica con los visitantes. Esta feria tiene un concepto estupendo: unos artistas muy selectos montarán un estudio temporal dentro de varias carpas dedicadas a todas las disciplinas del arte, y los visitantes podrán disfrutar de uno o varios días estudiando de cerca cómo los artistas crean sus trabajos. ¡Espero que tu también vengas!


michele del campo art in action 2





Painting "alla prima" demonstration by Michele Del Campo

Painting alla prima "Rubbish", 105x160cm, 2013  

ENGLISH: It's only 10 days away the Patchings Art Festival (5-8 June), where I'm going to exhibit new work and set up a studio to create a big size painting in front of the public to demonstrate my technique "alla prima". Please come along to see me and other very talented artists in action!

ESPAÑOL: Quedan solamente 10 días para el Patchings Art Festival (5-8 junio), donde expondré nueva obra y pintaré un cuadro de gran formato en público para demonstrar mi técnica "alla prima". ¡Vente si puedes y mira también otros artistas muy talentosos en acción!

ITALIANO: Mancano solo 10 giorni al Patchings Art Festival (5-8 giugno), dove esporrò nuove opere e dipingerò un quadro di gran formato davanti al pubblico per dimostrare la mia tecnica "alla prima". Vieni se puoi e guarda anche altri artisti di gran talento in azione!

Patchings Art Festival by Michele Del Campo

c ENGLISH: In just 3 week's time, from 5 to 8 June, I am going to take part to a big and exciting event near Nottingham, called Patchings Art Festival. There I will be leaving my shyness apart to demonstrate my painting, during all four days, in front of the numerous visitors, and I will also exhibit some new works. If you have the chance to see the event, you will know that you can ask me anything about my technique, my inspiration and all that you can think abut. This fair, as well as the fair Art in Action, to which also I am participating as a demonstrator later on in July, is a unique opportunity to witness the making of works of art by excellent artists from many disciplines, and learn some tips and "secrets" that normally are confined to the four walls of an artist studio. Among the VIP artists are personalities like David Curtis and Ken Howard, it will be a very enriching experience to see them at work, although they will only demonstrate one day each.


ESPAÑOL: En tan solo tres semanas, edsde el 5 al 8 de junio, participaré a un grande e importante evento cerca de Nottingham, el Patchings Art Festival. Allí dejaré a un lado mi timidez para pintar y demonstrar mi técnica a lo largo de todos los cuatro días, frente al numeroso público del evento. Si tienes la posibilidad de ir, tienes que saber que podrás preguntarme todo lo que quieras sobre técnica o cualquier otra cosa, al igual que podrás hacerlo con todos los artistas que demonstrarán en el festival. Esta feria, junto a Art in Action, a la cual también participaré en julio, son oportunidades únicas de presenciar la creación de obras de arte en directo, de la mano de artistas de mucha calidad, y de aprender consejos y descubrir "secretos" que normalmente quedan relegados entre los muros del estudio del artista.  Entre los artistas VIP que también demonstrarán, aunque un solo día, estarán personalidades del cálibre de David Curtis y Ken Howard.